Friday, September 22, 2006

Securing a Book Review

The next review will be of Ann Kelly's Dead On. Look for it soon.

The way to secure a review of your book on this site is to reply with a website or direct email address where I can reach you. Due to the limitations of internet availability in my area, I cannot easily contact you through a third-party source on a large server. For instance, if you give me an email address such as, I can quickly respond to your message. I can respond through Authors Den quite easily also, but I cannot go through Yahoo or Yahoo Groups or MySpace or another blog server very easily. I cannot put my direct email on the blog site or I would be spammed to death. If you do not want your email exposed, even within a comment, on the blog site, you can send me a message through Authors Den. This convoluted path is the only way I have been able to dodge the spammers. Please feel free to contact me about a review any time. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

So your cup of tea is fantasy, eh? Well, I have a novel out that might least there's an extraterrestrial in it. It's not her fault that she's completely human, though. Therein lies the rub, of course. Readers have liked Distant Cousin so far, but as with most POD stuff, I've learned, it's hard to get the word out. If you'd like to read it, I'll send it to you. (I'm in south Texas.) It's at Amazon, etc. This is the email address I use when spam is a possibility: I can supply more details then!
Thanks!///Al P.

Jeffrey B. Allen said...

Read inside the book

Dear POD Book Reviews,

GoneAway Into the Land - second edition, has just been released. For adolescents and adults this novel is being touted as one of the most unique works of fiction to come out in a long time. The story's entertainment value is enticing, but the book's symbolism is inescapable. It's an epic novel best described as a story about a real life family in crisis, and a twelve year old boy's travels into a fantasy world where he reconciles his problems and discovers secrets hidden and buried. A true coming of age story that speaks volumes to the relevant family issues of our day. Fantasy and heart collide into a new genre in this first book of a promising series. You do not want to miss this unique offering by Jeffrey B. Allen.
I would be pleased and proud to send you a copy for your review.
GoneAway is being accepted into schools where it has become a facilitator, spurring conversation about the power of fantasy to invoke emotion concerning real life issues.
Please let me know. From what I read in your submission requirements this novel is perfect for you.
You may reach me at,

The Amazon short link is above.

Jeffrey B. Allen