Thursday, January 25, 2007

Legitimate Reviews for Legitimate Books

As I have often stated on this blog, the reviews on this site are reserved for iUniverse books that offer deserving, original material. We are not an equal opportunity employer and we do not cater to the lowest common denominator. Cheaters need not apply. In case you have any questions about which titles are considered cheaters, here are a few examples:

Best Stock Picks for a World Economy
Get Rich Off the Housing Bubble
The Flip-Flops of Kerry & McCain
Obama’s Pajamas
Ringo Starr: The Real Walrus
Madonna’s Guide to Adoption
Rosie O’Donnell: The Slap-fight of the Century
Naughty Blondes of the Internet
Lose Fifty Pounds with a Vibrator
The Legend of Britney’s Panties

Would these titles sell? Of course they would! Here is an equivalent list, except these are real iUniverse titles that are currently among the top 50 iUniverse sellers at Amazon. (Keep in mind, of course, that these titles were not selected from iU titles listed under the Writers Club Press imprint. There may very well be WCP titles that would shove some of these out of the winners circle.)

Sensible Stock Investing: How to Pick, Value, and Manage Stocks
The Maui CEO: Import from China, Sell on eBay, and Live Wherever You Want
How to Attract Wealth, Health, Love, and Luck Into Your Life Immediately
(112 pages, including front matter, for only $12.95!)
Effortless Cash Flow (if you give us $24.95)
More Letters From Pemberley: 1814-1819: A Further Continuation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice
Vlad Dracula: The Dragon Prince
The Russian Adoption Handbook
Twelve Step Plan to Becoming an Actor in LA
A Stripper’s Tail: Confessions of a Las Vegas Stripper
Pick-Up Lines That Work: Get the Girl Tonight!

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Floyd M. Orr said...

I've written a story about a community outside of Taos, NM that experiences mysterious disappearances coinciding with the famous "Taos hum" falling silent. The first victim is the mother of a young girl on an afternoon hike in the nearby Carson National Forest. The girl survives the attack along with her large male German shepherd. She is so traumatized by what she witnesses that she is struck dumb. Other disappearances occur yet there is no explanation evident to the investigating Sheriff other than a possible bear attack. The Sheriffs technically savvy son fears for his father and begins to find clues from an obscure archaeology blog. Then the girl makes her crayon drawings of what she saw........isbn#9781475263893 on Amazon titled "Lived"