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Submission Guidelines

In case you haven't noticed, until now there has not been an official statement of the submission guidelines made readily available to visitors. The information has always been present, scattered throughout several pages, but now that the site has grown up, I think an official guidelines post has become necessary. As this post passes from its front-page viewpoint, I shall add a link to it that will always be available to new visitors. I still highly recommend that any author seriously considering a submission should go back and read the earlier posts that deal with the subject in detail. This is just a simplified version of my opinion on the matter.

How do I request a review for my book?

Place a comment on any post on the blog or send a message to ice9 at e-tabitha dot com with a request that you desire a review of your book. Include a direct email address at which you can be contacted. Please do not use an address at MySpace or some other monster-sized site. Your real name and/or the title of your book are optional as long as I can find this information from the email or web address you send. I shall respond promptly to the email address you have provided.

Do you review only books published by iUniverse?

No. This was the case when the site was established back in 2006. We added additional reviewers in early 2008, and now all self-published POD imprints, except Lulu, will be considered for review. Lulu Book Review offers a similar, free service to Lulu authors. Click the link in the left column of this site to visit Lulu Book Review.

Does the genre of my book have to fall within any particular category?

No. Any book will be considered if it fits all the other acceptable parameters.

Does my book have to be a new release?

No. Any iU or other self-published POD book from 1998-onward is eligible. Lulu authors will be referred to Shannon's Lulu Book Review.

What types of books will you not accept for review?

Cheaters and those written by Gomer Pyle and edited by Ernest T. Bass. You can find many descriptions of cheaters in the other posts on this blog, but the basic idea is that if you write a book about a dead blonde from Mexia, you need not apply. Ditto for any book with a celebrity's name in the title, any book that implies a connection with any famous book or characters, and any get-rich-quick schemes.

Do you accept any electronic formats or unpublished manuscripts for review?

No. I shall send you my address and you will send me a published copy of your iUniverse book. An author's signature on the title page is always appreciated. The books are read and reviewed in the order they are received in my mailbox.

Will I receive the standard personal-service package of four separate reviews and email updates on the status and progress of my reviews?

Yes, as long as I do not get swamped with a backlog of books to review. If that happens, I shall have to decide at that time what I can do to remain on schedule.

Will you sell my book on Amazon or elsewhere after the review has been completed?

Absolutely, positively no-way-Jose! As an iU author myself, I find that practice despicable. I shall keep your book displayed on my bookshelf until I think of a reader who I am quite sure will read it and like it. I may give some books to libraries eventually, but so far, I have not done so.

Where can I read other reviews you have done, so I can decide if I like your style?

You can, of course, read all the reviews on this blog site. You can also find entirely different reviews I have composed for the same books at Amazon, B&N, and Authors Den. You can even go to Amazon and round up the reviews I have posted there and read them all at once!

Read all the posts concerning submission guidelines.


podlingmaster said...

Iuniverse Book Reviews,

would you be interested in a blog link trade with PODLINGS? -- I'll be adding you to my sidebar as well.


Lorrieann said...

Hello, I have found your blog through an author friend who has encouraged me to request a review. I have two books published through IUniverse currently, My Brother's Keeper, and In the Wake of Ashes, the latter has an Editor's Choice award. They are historical thrillers, set in Scotland during the early 17th Century.

I have a third book in this series (a prequel) coming out later this year through a traditional publisher.

Thank you for consideration.

Lorrieann Russell

Floyd M. Orr said...

Lorrie, I have sent a reply to your request via your email address at your website.

Alan Draven said...

Hi Tabitha,

That's a real nice blog you got there. My iUniverse book is hot off the presses, so much that I still haven't received my author copies yet, but it's on sale at, so it's all good.

I'd like to request a review. You can reach me at



lgould said...

Hi Tabitha,

I would like to request a review of my iuniverse novel, Secretarial Wars. It was published in June 2003 and earned an Editor's Choice designation. I can be reached at Thanks for your consideration.

Linda Gould

backbayzona said...

Hi Tabitha,

Respectfully request a review and placement on your waiting list. Solemnly Swear was published by iUniverse as a Publisher's Choice about 6 weeks ago.

Thanks! Joe

Joe Porrazzo

June said...

Thanks for your email Floyd, just to clarify I am a UK based author, who does not actually review books, but does help to publicise them by 'interviewing' the authors about their work. This is in the form of a series of 10 standard questions. Although the site is aimed primarily at UK based authors, I am happy to feature other books, as long as they are print on demand (no porn or objectionable material of course) and available in the UK. The easiest way to check this is to type your ISBN into

Anonymous said...

Just saw your blog. I am a newly published author with iUniverse. I have recieved many favorable comments thus far and would like for you to review it. My web site is and my email is Thanks for your consideration. BTW my book has the Editor's Choice and Publisher's Choice awards.

Likestrek said...

My name is Joshua Davis and I published Winter Storm (ISBN 1605632775) through PublishAmerica in March. Would you like to review my book? email me at

Bob Sanchez said...

I would be honored if you would review my novel, When Pigs Fly, an iUniverse Editor's Choice that was published in November 2006. You can read a description at, and you can contact me at

Thank you!

Bob Sanchez said...
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Patricia Panahi, Ph.D said...

I would appreciate a review of my book God Outside the Box: A Story of Breaking Free published by Authorhouse. My website is
My e-mail is
Note: This book is about a spiritual journey. It is not about religion.

Cathy said...

Good day,

I am a selfpublished author through Wheatmark and would like to request a review for my teenage-fantasy novel called The Crimson Warrior.

You may contact me at:

Kind Regards,


R. E. Conary said...

Would greatly appreciate your taking a look at my first novel, 'Life's a Bitch. So am I.' Rachel Cord, P.I.(ISBN 9781432731434).

Hard-boiled or only poached in Tabasco, private detective Rachel Cord pursues multiple threads seeking a runaway teen and why gay performers at Miss Kitty's Kathouse Kabaret are being savagely attacked; threads that twist and bind Rachel within a tight cord of lost love, child pornography, rape, murder, and near insanity.


Shula Jack Asher said...

I am writing to request a review of my novel, Winter's Silence. Winter's Silence was published under my independent imprint in 2008, using Catawbas Publishing as my printer.

I can be reached at

Thank you for your time.

Stephanie Silberstein

Zada Connaway said...

I would like to request a review.

Zada Connaway, Author
Mother’s Journals: Parts 1, 2 and 3
ISBN # 1-4241-6969-0

Unknown said...

I would like to request a review of my novel Sunset. Contact info:
Jerry Ritonya


Phantom said...

I would like to request a review of my book.

Author: Paul Chandler
Book Title: Peeper - info link:

Thank you for your time and consideration.

R.J. Keller said...

I respectfully request a review of my novel, Waiting For Spring (ISBN: 978-1440461163).

Thank you,
R.J. Keller

Contact info:

Floyd M. Orr said...

Paul Chandler, your book has been accepted for review, but you left no e-mail address. If you see this message, you can send me a contact address. Thank you.

Phantom said...

Hi Floyd,

Sorry about forgetting to include my email address. Here it is:

Author: Paul Chandler
Book Title: Peeper


Writer Tommy Batchelor said...

I found your web site thru American Author site. I have a 28 page Children's book publishish by small press Mirror Publishing.Title is Sunday's with Papa T: A River Adventure. I wanted to know if I could get a book review. My e-mail address is
Tommy Batchelor

JefferyWilliams said...

Good Evening, Floyd,
My name is Jeffery Williams and you reviewed my novel Pirate Spirit. I appreciated your balanced comments.

I just published have a second novel, through iUniverse: Who's To Blame? The novel is a shakespearean spoof/sequel/whodunit/pastiche based on the plays Hamlet and Romeo & Juliet.

Would you consider reviewing the novel? 595529797/?itm=2

Jeffery Williams
Author of Pirate Spirit
Who's To Blame?

W. David Tibbs said...

Are you still accepting requests for reviews?

I published through iUniverse Jan 2009: Kennison's Gifts,

David Tibbs

Floyd M. Orr said...

I am requesting a review of my novel, The Band of Gypsies. Let me know where if you want a copy of the book. You can read a brief synopsis at:

Floyd M. Orr said...

Requesting a review of my novel, The Mountaineer's Dance, published October, 2010.
Author: Sondra Wolferman
Book Title: The Mountaineer's Dance
POD Publisher:

Floyd M. Orr said...

Please consider reviewing my latest book. It is called 'Just a Bunch of Crazy Ideas'. My website is It has been reviewed by Foreword Magazine and is in the process of being reviewed by Kirkus .

Publication Date: March 3, 2011
Title: Just  a Bunch of Crazy Ideas
Author: Pardu S. Ponnapalli, Ph.D
POD Publisher:  Xlibris
email :

Floyd M. Orr said...

I would like very much if you could review my book, Getting Roosevelt--a homeowner's nightmare. It is available at as a paperback and on the Kindle. I can be reached at

Floyd M. Orr said...

Hi! I would like you to review my novel, The Bloody Mary Club. It is available at Amazon and Barens and Noble, paperback as well as e-book. You can reach me by email: