Thursday, April 12, 2007

Coming Soon

The next review will be of Lorrieann Russell's My Brother's Keeper, a novel of historical fiction falling within the genre next door to The Traitor's Wife. There will probably be a lot of similarity to Ms. Higginbotham's successful masterpiece uncovered as I dive deeper into the plot. Both are large, seemingly well researched stories about the events of an earlier period. The main difference is that The Traitor's Wife has the advantage of surrounding a true story of the British Royal Family, while My Brother's Keeper does not. In other words, Susan has a gaggle of obsessors nipping at her heels and Lorrieann lacks this marketing advantage. What I expect to discover is that Lorrieann deserves the same level of attention that Susan has already received. These two books accurately represent the reason I undertook this project. They are proof that some POD authors deserve to be called simply authors.

I have a lot more information up my sleeve about Lorrieann that I may reveal at a later time. My Brother's Keeper was originally released by Xlibris, but quality issues drove her to iUniverse. As I have said before, if you are going to spend a gazillion bucks and hours creating and marketing your masterpiece, why submit it to less than the best? She is a graphic artist and she has created not only her book covers, but many renderings of her books' characters, just as she has imagined them to look.
I may have to post one or more of these artistic works, or at least provide links to them. I haven't decided yet. As far as Lorrieann goes, there is much more to come. Remember, you read it here first.

I am pleased to see the family of POD reviewers developing, and I am equally pleased to see the subjects of some of my early reviews popping up on the other sites, too. Susan Higginbotham, Lyda Phillips, Tim Phelan, and Guntis Goncarovs have recently been reviewed on other sites. When is someone going to discover Al Past and some of the other notables?

Some sites seem to be introducing interviews with authors. I assume these have been accomplished utilizing simple email transactions. Do the authors and readers want to see more of these? I'll join up if authors or readers request it in the comments. Does anyone wish to be interviewed? Should the family of reviewers begin to interview each other, or is that a little too much from the redundant Department of Redundancy?

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JVRC said...

Absolutely, remember this lady. I've had the privilege to call her friend since before she started her career. I've also had the privilege to read her works, every single one of them, as she wrote them. A marvelous talent that deserves the recognition she should be getting.