Monday, May 21, 2007

Submission Guideline Update

A direct link to the most recent Submission Guidelines post has been added to the blog home page; however, the rules have not changed. Note: All self-published POD imprints (except Lulu) are accepted as of 4/1/08. Any author who wants a review on this blog is expected to put forth a little more effort than that required for a review elsewhere. From this point forward, submitting an iUniverse book for review is going to get just a wee bit easier. Links to all the previous posts relevant to submissions are listed in this post. Note that minor changes in the rules have been instituted since the beginning, so the information in the later posts takes precedence. You can still request a review by saying so in a comment to any post, but now you can also send a direct request to ice9 at nctv dot com. Whether or not this information is posted in a more blatant manner in the future, I cannot say. Due to the direct promotion of my own books in past years, the spammers just love me to death! This has been the main reason submission requests have had to be a bit difficult in the past. We'll see where this goes in the future....

Introduction to the blog with the first Submissions Guidelines

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Making a Submission Comment

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Submission Guidelines Update

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D. A. Welch said...


I am requesting a review of Flashback: A Low Country Novel. The book was published by iUniverse on April 25, 2007. My work received Editor's Choice, Publisher's Choice, and Reader's Choice. I hope to enter the iUniverse Star Program very soon. You can contact me at or visit my Web site at I appreciate any consideration you give this request and thank you for your time.

D. A. Welch