Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Waiting List

Please note: The Waiting List is closed as of 12/22/07. Thank you for your support.

As suggested by an enterprising author, I have set up a waiting list for reviews. The last thing I want to do is to commit to reading and reviewing books that may gather dust on my bookshelf simply because I never find the time to read them. I would feel distinctly guilty if someone sent me a book in good faith and I never fulfilled my promise of a review. Therefore, a waiting list has now been added to iUniverse Book Reviews. If you request a review, I shall research your book to decide if I want to accept it for review, as always in the past. Instead of sending you an address to which to send the book, I shall reply to your message, and you can reply back if you want your book placed on the list. If so, your title will be added to the queue, and I shall notify you in plenty of time in the future as to where to send your book. This will assure that those on the waiting list will get their proper place in line, even while the submissions are offically closed. Until such time as I get at least somewhat caught up on my reading, this will keep your books, and my guilt over commitment, from stacking up on my bookshelf. Thank you for your support of iUniverse Book Reviews as the leading source of critical, honest reviews of iUniverse books.


Suellen Zima said...

I would like to take you up on the offer to review iUniverse books. Memoirs of a Middle-aged Hummingbird is my book. You can read more about the book at to see if you'd like to add it to your waiting list. You can reach me through my website. As you know, getting reviews is difficult for self-published books, so thank you for helping to fill in this gap.

J. Johnson Higgins said...

You seem to give honest and thorough reviews. I recently published a Fantasy called ‘Legend of the Dark Messiah: the Mask and the Sword’ through iUniverse. I would be honored to have you review this book. I am interested in adding it to your waiting list. Contact me at if you are interested. Thank you!