Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Podge of Hodge

If things seem a little as if they have been mired in Mrs. Butterworth's lately here at iUBR, you can blame the holidays if you are so inclined. That pretty much sums up the slowing of posts on this blog that began about a month ago, and I do not expect a jolt of speed to appear before the first of the year. We shall continue slogging along here at iUBR, getting your reviews out as quickly as we can under the circumstances.

The review of Jack Dixon's The Pict will appear in the next few days. I have begun reading Jeffery Williams' Pirate Spirit, and that book will be followed by Anya Laurence's Love Divine. Amy Lane's Bound will wrap up the final wave of backlog. At this point in time, I am not sure if or when the submissions will be reopened. The authors on The Waiting List will be notified while I am in the middle of Amy's 480-page epic. If all the books on The Waiting List arrive as scheduled, I'll most likely be preparing a boat for launch before the last book has been reviewed!

The POD review world seems to be in a state of flux. As POD People has just annoucned, The Podler has once again retired, maybe for good this time. Readers who have checked the POD Review Ring Chart recently may have noticed that The Slippery Book Review Blog was added to the chart last month. I considered the mention of this fact in a separate post, but decided against it, since this particular blog accepts only a small number of POD submissions. The main hostess of the site resides in Brussels, but ya'll are encouraged to at least check it out if you are looking for a review. Some of you may be aware of Mrs. Giggles. She will review your POD book, but there are no fluff pieces stuck to Mrs. Giggles!

Yesterday I forgot to mention the internet radio interview I did with Janet Elaine Smith on December 6, 2007. This time Janet was the host and I was the interviewee. Wheeee! Anyone who is interested in hearing the real voice of Tabitha (Floyd M. Orr) can click the link and hear something other than meow. The interview lasts nearly half an hour and it is listed as December 6, Janet Elaine Smith on the page. It was a feature of Janet's regular What's Happening show on the Internet Voices Radio network. Thank you, Janet!

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