Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Overlapping Circles of Experience

I want to welcome Malcolm R. Campbell to our PODBRAM review team. He is quite an experienced asset to our little operation. It has taken me several weeks just to get my mind around exactly what I wanted to say to introduce Malcolm to our readers. From what I know of him, he and I have a few things in common. We are both Southerners of about the same age, and we have created a variety of different organizational projects and websites that revolve around a generalized literary concept. Malcolm found me in early 2007 when he requested a review of his iUniverse fantasy book, The Sun Singer. I discovered a multi-faceted talent when I researched his book for review, and when I began planning the expansion of the iUBR review team, Malcolm immediately came to mind as an experienced reviewer with interests in genres in which I was not particularly adept.

Mr. Campbell has an established cluster of websites, so I shall direct you to these if you want to learn a lot more about this talented author, writer, reviewer, and editor. Here is his general biography page. In the same tongue-in-cheek manner of my Tabitha persona, Malcolm is also known as Jock Stewart. He blogs about all sorts of writer's issues and events at Writer's Notebook. Malcolm was publishing book reviews long before I snagged his talent. You can even hire him for various writer's services! As with my own e-tabitha.com, the home page of Campbell Editorial will lead you into the vast online world of a very talented and heterogeneous author. Like I said, we have overlapping circles of experience.

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Malcolm R. Campbell said...

Thanks for the kind words, Floyd!