Sunday, June 08, 2008

More Link Madness

I want to continue what I started with Writer's Blogroll last month. Whereas the first blogroll listed mostly bloggers and reviewers, this second installment mostly concerns the marketing of POD books. Some of these are paid (sometimes even costly) operations, but many are free or nearly free. Let the advertising begin!

The Shared Self Publishing Experience - This is quite an unusual new concept premiered by successful screenwriter Steve Barancik. An author is encouraged to post his personal story of exactly how he entered the foray of self-publishing. No direct book promotion is allowed on the site. Steve has an interesting background and there is a legitimacy here that is rare among POD marketing sites.
Foner Books - Morris Rosenthal's site is a legend in the POD industry. The page I have linked here is the one everybody and his bobcat wants to read, the explanation of Amazon's sales rankings, but this is far from the only valuable page on Mr. Rosenthal's site.
Authors and Experts - I spent a year listed with this costly site that did absolutely nothing for me, but your results may differ. Consider this a negative recommendation if you want. I have no animosity toward the site. It could be simply that no one wants to read my books.
Page One Lit - This is an early pioneer in the take the money from the naive POD author sweepstakes. I have been listed here for years, but I doubt that much has resulted from it. The biggest negative with this site is that it takes all damn day to load! Otherwise, in the founder's positive column is that he at least does what he says he will do, your page stays online forever, and you get to rub virtual elbows with real authors!
National Pen Company - For promotional materials, especially pens, of course, I highly recommend this company that has been around for many years. I have utilized their services several times with no complaints. Once you get on their mailing list, they will periodically send you especially good deals by snail mail. Like iUniverse, don't order until they send you a pitch you particularly like!
PR Web - Although I personally have had a difference of opinion with these guys, and I shall probably never use them again, you should know that they are probably the most successful of the many web press release services out there.
Free Press Release - I have linked to my own Timeline of America free press release on this site so you can see exactly how your press release might look. Although not up to the standard of PR Web, this one is, indeed, free.
Google - In the Beyond Obvious Department, we have the submission of an author's website to Google. If you haven't done this, do it right now, before returning to PODBRAM.
Yahoo - Ditto the Google submission.
Real Book Reviews - This is an unusual site that I have discovered that features only audio reviews. I am not sure what it's appeal may be, but check it out. Maybe it's a gimmick you have been seeking.

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