Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fun with Dick & Jane

Sometimes I have an idea for an article for PODBRAM that has never quite come out of the oven fully baked. I came across this little paragraph hidden away in my files since September of last year. Obviously I was weary of repeatedly reading some of the more common mistakes made by POD authors at the time I composed this little piece. Maybe some of you will enjoy it now.
Years before Bruce Springsteen sang Born to Loose, Fabian Forte sang Turn Me Lose. The high school principle informed the recalcitrant student that he should learn the value of a principal as he questioned his lifestyle choices. Their was a problem with there communication skills. Ripley’s gang of military contractors had enough ordinance to blow up every space alien in the country, but the local ordnance hindered the group’s effectiveness. I paid to see Aliens, to, and they were far to realistic too have been computer generated images. The last thing I want to do is tour The Capital Building instead of seeing the bats fly out of the capitol city. Lie, Lady, Lie is what Bob Dylan should have told his ladylove back in 1969.

Photo courtesy Al Past

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Without Ribbons said...

Hee... Hee... This is great. Maybe you and Travis Tea can write a sequel to Atlanta Nights.