Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Thorough Researcher

Juliet Waldron has had a fascination with the past since earliest childhood, perhaps from growing up in a haunted 1790's house in upstate New York, or maybe from sharing a birthday with George Washington. She had a professorial Grandpa who used to read her The Canterbury Tales in Olde English when she was a baby. She was educated in the U. S., Cornwall, England, and in the British West Indies. She has a B. A. in English, and has worked in both the private placement and brokerage industries. Now retired, she’s a proponent of detailed research before you begin to tell your story, a path democratically open, thanks to our public libraries and the ever-expanding Internet. She lives with her husband of forty years and four cats.

A lifelong passion for history led to research and the writing of many novels. Mozart’s Wife was a pioneering electronic 2000 Frankfurt nominee, and it won the First Independent e-Book Award for best e-published fiction at the 2001 Virginia Festival of the Book. Mozart’s Wife has had several publishers, but is now in print from Hard Shell Books. Genesee, set during the Revolutionary War in upstate NY and based upon family history, won the 2003 EPIC Award for best historical novel, as well as succeeding as a romance, receiving five stars from Affaire de Coeur. Independent Heart, a sister story to Genesee, set in the Hudson Valley, is currently on-line and in print. Hand-Me-Down Bride, a post Civil War romance, set in Pennsylvania farm country, is coming soon from Second Wind Publishing.

Juliet Waldron has also been featured in the Motivation section of the "Writer's Digest Publishing Success". You can browse through many articles written by Ms. Waldron at Authors Den. Let's all welcome Juliet Waldron to the PODBRAM review team!

Juliet Waldron's website
Juliet's Mozart's Wife site
Juliet's Authors Den page


Malcolm R. Campbell said...

Welcome to the group. From the photo, it appears you have borrowed one of my kitties.


Al said...

Juliet--I took the liberty of recommending Mozart's wife to some Kindle people of my acquaintance. One just emailed me that she's bought it. They like to share titles, so maybe you'll get some Kindle sales!
Best wishes,