Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Review Site Launched

The all-new POD-dy Train book review site has just left the station. The site was launched on April 7th with its official All Aboard! introductory post. The founder of POD-dy Train is a reviewer of both traditional and POD books, and an author of both types, too. Very little personal information has been released so far concerning the identity of this new blog's founder. He/she works in the publishing industry in New Yawk City and plans to review only self-published books for the new blog. Only print copies will be accepted for review. An e-mail address has been provided for contact. There are no mentions of queries, genres, or other special requests on the site, at least as yet, so I cannot offer any further details at this time. I assume that these issues will be forthcoming and I can then add the site's review request details to The De Facto POD Review Ring Chart. Like Cheryl Anne Gardner at POD People, The POD-dy Train also offers insights into the business world of the major POD companies.

I cannot take credit for discovering The POD-dy Train site on my own. Shannon Yarbrough of The Lulu Book Review sent me an e-mail yesterday, asking if I had seen POD-dy Train's review of PODBRAM. One of the unique concepts presented by this new blog is that other POD review sites will be reviewed, too. An author will be able to check out the reviews at POD-dy Train, the Ring Chart at PODBRAM, and the interviews at Breeni Books to comprehensively research all the potential online review possibilities for his book. I cannot thank you enough, POD-dy Train, for all the kind words you have said about PODBRAM in your review. I hope the PODBRAM team can continue to live up to your high expectations!

Now let's take a little train ride down into that old, dark, familiar tunnel containing some of the reasons why POD has such a disgraceful reputation in some circles. There are several ways in which an author can declare himself to be as unprofessional as the next guy. I read through this review, and I can only say that the reviewer seems be no tougher on the author than I have been on a few at PODBRAM. It is also quite obvious that this author has had success that I can only dream about. Some of the tackiest responses I have received from authors are ones that I essentially gave four stars instead of five, and that clearly seems to be the case here. I say essentially because we don't use star ratings at PODBRAM; however, I did give four stars to the same books at Amazon. Visit all the links and be sure to read all the comments. I think you will be aptly entertained, if nothing else!

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Pod-dy Train said...

Hello Mr. Orr-

Thank you for the kind introduction. For those parties who are interested, I've posted my submissions guidelines tonight. Let the games begin!