Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Boogle

I'm not sure exactly why the guy you see pictured here calls his new POD review site The Boogle, but since this is a slow holiday weekend on the web, I thought I would throw my curmudgeon hat in the lake and be nice. Of course this being Memorial Day Weekend, my hat is the only thing I plan to launch in the lake right now. As The Fonz used to say about the Saturday night dating ritual, "It's amateur night". We went out on the lake last Wednesday, and we shall be keeping our hull dry until Tuesday! The only boating I plan to do this holdiday weekend is to work on the new 2009 edition of Ker-Splash! Mark McGinty is a newcomer to the reviewer scene, bringing lots of enthusiasm to the party. He has released only one book so far, Elvis and the Blue Moon Conspiracy on Beaver's Pond Press in 2003. Part of the reason I feel inspired to introduce Mr. McGinty and The Boogle so promptly is the subject matter of his book, which appears to be quite imaginative. You can find his submissions details in The De Facto POD Review Ring Chart. I hope this newbie knows exactly what is about to come his way. I don't want to have to post another review site obituary within weeks of its launch. Good luck in your new endeavor, Mr. McGinty, you will need it!

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