Saturday, April 17, 2010

Al & Dianne

Al Past and Dianne Salerni are two of the notorious ringleaders of IAG and PODBRAM. Al was the first author to join the review team at PODBRAM and it was Dianne's idea to form IAG. These two have belatedly become the two most gregarious and well known members of the gang.

Dianne's new traditionally published version of High Spirits, retitled We Hear the Dead, hit Amazon running just yesterday. Dianne has been spending the last few months preparing this new publication and working on the screenplay for the same story. You can keep track of Dianne and her projects at her High Spirits blog.

Al is the only PODBRAM team member who has personally met any other team member, and he knows three of us! This photo was taken a few days ago when Al met Dianne for a few hours in her home state of Pennsylvania. Celia Hayes, the mistress of the IAG website, and her daughter, have visited Al at his ranch in South Texas, and Al has been to my house in the Texas Hill Country. Al's latest release is Distant Cousin: Regeneration. You can track the adventures of Al and his alter ego, Ana Darcy, at Ana's blog.


Dianne K. Salerni said...

Hey, Floyd! I've also met Donna and Juliet. I think that makes me even with Al.

Malcolm R. Campbell said...

Diane's book just arrived in today's mail. Looks great. I'm starting it as soon as I finish WOLF HALL.

Celia Hayes said...

And I have met IAG writer Frances Hunter (who is actually two people...) who aren't members of the PODBRAM collective ... but Marva and I contribute to TheDeepening and Jack Shakely contributes to another internet review site, and then there is Mark at the Boogle ... we are building our own indy network, aren't we?
Indy books rule OK!