Friday, March 21, 2008

The Latest News

Big changes are on the way at iUBR! As I am sure you are aware, iUniverse officially merges with AuthorHouse on April Fool's Day of 2008. On that date, iUBR will be opening its submissions to most POD imprints, including of course, AuthorHouse. Obviously this will mean much stiffer competition for books to be accepted for review; therefore, iU authors are being offered one last call for submissions prior to the opening of the floodgates of what Dr. Al Past has so eloquently named the dunking tank. Whether you call it an impromptu bath or a thorough strip-search, we at iUBR read and review POD books as if they were simply books. The object of our game is to read and review those POD books that can hold their own while sitting next to books published by big names the old fashioned way. The only powder puff pieces found near this joint purr and meow. You won't get a glowing review from us because we know you, or we traded reviews with you, or we are offering marketing blurbs for free, or even because you paid us! The only way to receive a glowing review at iUBR is to earn it. Our reputation is at stake.

We now have six reviewers at iUBR, and all six are especially well qualified for the job. The worst level of education we have is my own. I have a BA in Psychology, but all the others have Masters and Doctorates in Education, Journalism, and other language arts. All of us have published POD books and at least something traditionally. The satellite reviewers and their professional biographies will continue to be featured in posts here at iUBR. Each of us is somewhat distinguished from the others in certain ways. We always try to post a review at iUBR, Amazon, and B&N, but other sites are often included as well. No, there may not be a lot of readers who will see your review at iUBR, but the numbers are most certainly higher at the other sites where iUBR reviewers post your reviews. iUBR will continue to be mostly a site for POD authors and future authors to learn about marketing techniques and avenues open to them, and to read true, legitimate critiques of their own works, as well as those by other novice writers. We shall continue to expand our reach into other websites open to reviews and networking options for POD authors. The more widespread our reach, the stronger our reputation grows. We want to be the premiere website for reviews of quality POD books and the most trusted source of information on marketing for POD books. We don't blow smoke up your tushy at iUBR.


Without Ribbons said...

The worst level of eduation we have is my it so bad you can't spell education? Just kidding! LOL ;-)

Does this mean you are reviewing Lulu books to? If so, my blog may find itself on a street corner pandhandling.


Without Ribbons said... eduation must be bad too....I can't spell panhandling... LOL


veinglory said...

Mayby it was an illicit panda-dealer you were refering to?

Without Ribbons said...

Sounds like a great idea for yet another POD book!

Devon Kappa said...

I'm delighted that you're expanding beyond just iUniverse books to the great wide world of POD. As I know you already know, there are a lot of great books out there clamoring for attention.

In that regard, I do have a request, with hat in hand: I've reactivated my blog (at, and would appreciate being upgraded from "inactive" status in your sidebar. While I know I've bitterly failed in the past, letting the blog slide after a few months, I think I'm back on the wagon, and humbly request the reclassification. (Emily, if you're reading this, that goes for POD People as well).

In any event, keep up the good work!

Floyd M. Orr said...

This is a test message to see if it goes through to my e-mail. There obviously has been a problem.