Sunday, March 02, 2008

Open for Submissions

iUBR (PODBRAM) is now Open for Submissions!
Recent events and changes at iUniverse Book Reviews have allowed us to reopen submissions, effective immediately. At least for now, we still only accept paper copies of iUniverse books. Note: All self-published POD imprints (except Lulu) are accepted as of 4/1/08. Most genres will be considered; however, we do have one particular restriction for the moment. Floyd (Tabitha) cannot accept any books personally for the standard, four-part, strip-search review mode probably until sometime in April. Dr. Al Past and Ms. Celia Hayes currently have a small number of openings available. We hope to be adding more reviewers soon, but for now, the queue is limited, so get your requests in early.

Dr. Past and Ms. Hayes have considerable qualifications, so I would not let that stop you from applying for a review. In fact, you may even get a better deal from one of them than you would with me. After all, I am the official curmudgeon and the Chief of the Proofreading Police! Any reviews composed by either of our new reviewers is quite likely to be posted at other websites, especially at Amazon, B&N, and others. They may not write four separate reviews of your book, but they aren't as likely to put you through the wringer over your error count, either. Give them a chance. You'll be glad you did!

As always, review requests can be made as a comment on any post or send a message to ice9 at e-tabitha dot com. All requests will be examined, probed, and researched before acceptance, but this is usually handled quite promptly.


Ron Baxley, Jr. said...

Mr. Orr,
I understand that you are looking for people who are willing to review book as well. If I can list some of my publication credits, I would like to review science fiction and fantasy books for young adults. I have reviewed Fran Rizer's and John Cooley's book on I have my own books on and have many publication credits. Please contact me via this address and


Ron Baxley

Ron Baxley, Jr. said...

I should have written the plural noun books. That was a quick post. Sorry about that.


Scot said...

If you are currently open for submissions I would like to offer my debut POD historical fantasy novel, "The Saga of Beowulf," for review. Contact email is Cheers!