Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Breeni Interview

Blog Name: POD Book Reviews & More (PODBRAM)
Blog URL:
Blog Owner: Floyd M. Orr

1. What motivated you to create a book review blog?
After learning how to market my own four POD books over a five year period, spending sizable funds and enormous quantities of time and effort, I thought it might be rewarding to try to help other deserving new authors. I tend to be very meticulous instead of prolific, in both my writing and in everything else I do, so I set out to make PODBRAM the best of its kind. We don’t review the most books, and we certainly do not dole out gushingly positive reviews like bubblegum. All our review team members are mature, experienced writers moonlighting as true book critics. We try to be the premiere free, legitimate POD review site on the web.

2. What do you find most rewarding about book reviewing?
Receiving nice e-mail messages and comments on the site from authors and readers who appreciate the effort we put into PODBRAM. Seeing our names on authors’ book jackets, in their Acknowledgments, and on their websites is always fun, too!

3. What types of books do you review?
We actively seek out mature, qualified, writers who are dedicated to their craft. We want to compose thoughtful, honest reviews, and the duds of the self-publishing universe drag down our mood and our purpose. Look over some of the books we have reviewed at PODBRAM and you will see a very eclectic pattern. We are far more concerned with quality than genre. We have little interest in children’s books, poetry or religious zealotry. We aren’t too thrilled with reading the same old formulaic tripe in the romance, horror, or scifi genres, either.

4. In what genre do you consider yourself to have the most expertise?
Nonfiction in general, particularly that of a social, contemporary, or political nature, light social commentary, horror, thrillers, and mysteries. Other reviewers on our team specialize in historical fiction, science fiction, military, espionage, history, comedy, and other genres.

5. Is there any type of book that you absolutely will not review?
The authors I refer to as cheaters are the main ones I refuse to review. These subjects include get-rich-quick schemes, celebrity trash, and other titles that are all too easy to sell to morons. We at PODBRAM generally have no interest in children’s books, poetry or pornography, either. We are looking for serious books by authors who are serious about writing, and that particularly means editing and proofreading.

6. Do you accept submissions from self-published authors?
Absolutely. We review books from all publishers except Lulu. Those are referred to our associates at The Lulu Book Review.

7. Do you accept PDF versions or e-books for review?

8. Can an author guest blog for you?

9. Do you host book giveaways?

10. Do you interview authors?
Yes, we offer very extensive, detailed interviews of accomplished authors who particularly have something of value to offer to our readers. Visit the website to see exactly what I mean by extensive and detailed.

11. Do you ever host stops on an organized book tour?

12. What is the average turnaround time for a review, from the time the book arrives in your mailbox until the review is posted?
The timeframe is subject to how busy we are at the time. We have five reviewers, and usually your book will be selected by the reviewer who feels he or she can most likely read and review your book promptly. You will be notified at the time if the wait is longer than a few weeks. Often the turnaround is within a few days.

13. Do you cross-post reviews to Amazon or other sites?
According to the reviewer, we post reviews at various other sites. All reviews are posted at PODBRAM and Amazon, and in some cases, these are individually composed reviews. In addition, we have reviewers that post to their own review sites or to Blogger News Network.

14. Will you notify an author by email when a review is posted?
Absolutely. We offer the best personal service available. An author selected for review will receive notification when his book has been received, as well as when his reviews have been completed. See our website for more detailed information.

15. Do you have any specific requirements for review submission?
All an author has to do is to ask nicely. Be sure to mention the title of your book, your website, and your contact e-mail address. I will promptly research you and your book online to see what sort of author you seem to be. If I immediately discover numerous errors of editing or proofreading in your book, I shall let you know that your book has not been accepted for review at PODBRAM. If your book fits into what I call the cheating category, or there seem to be other careless discrepancies in your credentials as a serious author, you will be promptly dismissed. If you pass these two hurdles, and I am either not interested in or too busy for your book, then I send your information out to the other team members. If one or more of them requests your book, the one who seems to want it more will be selected and you will be notified immediately of the address of the reviewer. This whole process can take as little as ten minutes or as long as 48 hours. Most authors are notified as accepted or rejected either the same day or the next.

16. Where can authors submit review queries and to whom should they be addressed?
Contact Floyd M. Orr at ice9 at nctv dot com or comment on any post. PODBRAM used to be known as iUniverse Book Reviews (iUBR). The name was changed to PODBRAM when I decided to set up a team of reviewers and open up the submissions to all publishers, both traditional and POD. The URL has been left as it was simply because of the many links to the site already set up all over the web. We still probably review more books from iU than any other publisher, but we have no business relationship with the company other than as authors. Although it was not covered in this interview, PODBRAM offers a wealth of helpful information about the POD publishing and marketing experience, in addition to the book reviews.

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