Friday, December 19, 2008

The Breeni List

Sabrina Williams at the Breeni Books blog has been featuring interviews with online book reviewers for the past several weeks. An identical set of questions has been made available on the site for the proprietor of any review site to answer. Sabrina has been posting one interview per day, and today is PODBRAM's day. Go over and read the inteview, send Sabrina a nice thank-you e-mail message for the service she is providing to authors, and browse through the list of past interviews. In a manner similar to the DeFacto POD Review Ring featured at PODBRAM, Sabrina is actively rounding up reviewers and making their attrinutes and requirements available to authors. Unlike the list at PODBRAM, hers is much longer and more up to date; however, only a portion of them accept POD or self-published books. As a shortcut, the list in tiny type in the left margin shows all the reviewers who accept POD books. Maybe you will find one that suits your style and subject matter.

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Unknown said...

Great interview. And great information on both sites. Congratulations on how your site has grown and developed over the past couple of years.
Mr. Touchdown, which you reviewed, now has the iStar designation on its new cover. You didn't like the original one but I suspect you'll find this new one much better.
Thanks again for your work.